Váš dodavatel dopravníků třísek, teleskopických krytů a filtračních stanic.

About us

The company TECNIMETAL – CZ, a.s. develops and manufactures coverings and accessories for machine tools, domestically, as well as in the EU countries. Its production program is oriented almost solely towards supplying accessories for machine tools. The current production program can be divided into several basic groups as follows:

  • welded bellows
  • non-metal coverings for protection of conveying surfaces
  • telescopic covers
  • chip conveyors
  • cooling units
  • filtration units
  • metalwork products
2001 - 2021
2001 – 2021

Through the wide range of products, our company strives to provide to its customers a comprehensive care in all stages of machine covering. Our program flexibly responds to the latest trends and requirements of machine tool manufacturers. The result is an excellent machine covering with flawless liquid filtration.

We hold a quality certificate
ISO 9001: 2016 and ISO 14001: 2016

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