Your supplier of chip conveyors,
telescopic covers and filtration stations.
Your supplier of chip conveyors, telescopic covers and filtration stations.
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Our objective is a satisfied customer. Therefore we develop and produce only chip conveyors and machine tool coverings of the highest quality, with maximum variability in settings to suit the customer needs. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Therefore we are always ready to comply with your wishes, providing an individual, custom-made approach and solution according to your requirements.

Our company develops and produces high-quality chip conveyors of all types and sizes – screw, scraper, and chain conveyors. A great advantage is our own know-how regarding the production of conveyor belts. We manufacture telescopic covers, in classic or stainless steel design, for all types of machines.

Our telescopic covers are resistant to high temperatures, liquid coolants and chips of all kinds. We use very durable and quality wipers of conveying surfaces, guaranteeing high adhesion and life-span.

Upon customer request we produce very light and efficient custom-made bellow covers with a smooth and quiet operation. We supply efficient spiral covers in many sizes and designs for feed screws and shafts. These high-quality spiral covers are also suitable for high speeds. With a wide range of aluminium profiles we offer special protective shutters with a quiet, yet very quick operation.

Besides these components we also supply other accessories for your machine tools. Our filtration and cooling units with a wide spectrum of required operating pressures and filtration parameters, thanks to the used technologies, can meet the requirements of any customer.

According to the customer requirements we produce plastic and metal energy chains with the option of parallel cable routing. The media are available in an open or closed design. The actual production takes place in China; the warehouses for the media assembly are in the CR and Italy.

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